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We are fundraising for SFMC! Our goal is to raise $25,000 in order to run our Spring 2015 program. Check back to see our progress!

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If you'd like to donate there are two ways to do so:
1) Online
To donate online, please click here. On the form, please select "Center for Science and Mathematics Education" in the pull-down menu for "I Would Like to Support:" Then in notes write "SF Math Circle"
2) Mail a check
Write a check to "SFSU" and then in the note section write: "CSME SFMC" and mail it to:
Addie (Evans) Schnirel, SFMC Co-Director
CSME@SFSU Science 211
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

All donations are tax deductible:
SF State University Tax ID #: 94-1384645.

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Do you want to develop techniques to attack problems like the one on the above (even if the grid were 50 squares by 50 squares)? Have fun solving mathematical puzzles and brain teasers, while developing your skills and knowledge. Read more

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The San Francisco Math Circle is a weekly program for students and their teachers, taking place at the San Francisco locations on Mondays. Each week, several classes meet simultaneously. Math Circle for Students is our program for students in grades 6–10, while Math Circle for Teachers is a for-credit course for the teachers who take their students to the program.

For more information, click on these links:
 The Program
 Information for Teachers
 How to Enroll


For more information about Math Circle, click on these links:
After checking out these pages, if you are interested in joining or have additional questions, email us at sfmathcircle at gmail dot com.

Math Circle People

The Math Circles community has four vital components: teachers in schools, students, school administrators, and professional mathematicians.

Working together, they learn from each other and collectively raise the mathematical consciousness of our society.

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A Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and San Francisco State University Center for Science and Math Education educational program for the SF Bay Area supported by The Moody's Foundation and S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.